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Welcome to Pestwise New Zealand Ltd

We are a pest control company providing customised pest control solutions covering wide range of pests in residential & commercial situations. The company is based in Auckland and specialize in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - an approach that combines all available methods of preventing pests in a given environment.

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Pestwise NZ

What we do

Proactive Preventative Maintenance

Pestwise NZ offers complete pest control services to homes, businesses and commercial facilities across Auckland. With a fully licensed service team, we offer pest control services in every type of environment; from Homes & Baches to Food warehouse, schools and hospitals, airports and storage warehouses.

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Pestwise NZ

Why Choose Us

Safe, Affordable, Flexible - with Excellence!

Pestwise NZ is committed to making your living and working environment pest free, providing a range of environmentally safe pest management solutions for your complete peace of mind.

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Pest Identification

Pestwise NZ

Ants are one of the most successful groups of insects. They are social insects that live in colonies which are usually located outside, but may enter buildings for shelter and/or food. Ants feed on practically every kind of food but those entering homes are often looking for sweets and/or protein-containing substances.

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To the untrained eye, all cockroaches may look alike. However, there are actually five species of significance. German, Brown-banded, Oriental, American and Common Wood cockroaches are all unwelcome pests.

House Fly
Pestwise NZ

Flies are a common pest in homes and commercial establishments. Flies normally are associated with decayed or spoiled debris. In this kind of habitat of both feeding and breeding, it is a certainty that flies and their maggots will come into contact with a wide variety of bacteria. Because they are associated with disease and because they can readily gain entry to buildings, flies pose significant pest problems.

Pestwise NZ

About twelve different species are commonly found in homes. Spiders have two body regions, connected by a restricted waist. The fused head thorax has two jaws, two palps, eight legs and eight or fewer eyes. The abdomen is unsegmented and hold the spinneret. The harvestman or daddy-long-legs spider differs in that its abdomen is segmented.

Pestwise NZ

Rats attack the food of man in the farm fields, orchards, and livestock facilities, during its processing, storage and transport, and while it is in our supermarkets, restaurants and homes. What rats do not eat, they spoil by contaminating it with their urine, feces or fur. It is estimated that rats and mice destroy enough food each year to feed 200 million people.

Protecting your home or business from unwanted guests

Pestwise Quick - Fix Plan

Under Quick Fix plan we offer one off treatments to get rid of pests in domestic as well as commercial situations under our Quick Fix Plan.

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Pestwise All Year - Active Plan

Pests cause risks to all businesses. Sign up for Pestwise NZ’s popular All Year Active plan and start enjoying the reassurance that only regular monitoring and consistent quality service can bring.

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Pestwise Pro - Active Plan

Pestwise proactive plan is a program mainly features Preventive Pest Control services and a systematic reporting system.

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Keeping your home or garden pest-free

Business Philosophy

Pestwise NZ

comes first. We specialize in applying low toxicity solutions for safety of your staff, our employees & to protect environment.


pest management solutions. We manage our costs wisely without cutting corners on product safety & service quality.


enough to suit your needs. We offer variety of service options to suit your needs.


in service quality. We commit highest level of service delivery at all times.


  • "Very informative on what was to be done. Efficient and effective work was carried out. Our problem was solved very quickly"

  • This is the best and cheapest pest control company we have EVER used by far. Sujeet was very professional, friendly, timely, and thorough. Will not hesitate to recommend to all our friends. Thanks Sujeet.

  • Excellent services from Sujeet. Honest and reliable, AAA+++!!! Prompt response from first enquiry. Excellent job done with very competitive price. Highly recommended to all!!! Thank you again!.

  • A very professional service provided by Sujeet. He went the extra mile providing not only the requested borer control in ceiling and subfloor areas, he even offered a free fly prevention mist in our kitchen and dining areas. Looking forward to dealing with this company in the future. Thankyou.

  • Awesome service. Very professional and friendly. Sujeet knows what he is doing and was very helpful with our wasp issue. Definetly recommend his service. Great having no wasp near our little infant.

  • Would recommend to you, this was the best $$$ spent this summer, we are fly free, spider free etc, very helpful and accommodating serviceman. Thanks heaps :-)

  • Excellent service Andy did a great job, I saw results straight away and not a cockroach in sight since Andy fumigated. The service was friendly, quick and very professional and he did not mind coming out on a Saturday. I would highly recommend these guys if you want results at a good price.

  • Our family is soo grateful to Sujeet of Pestwise. Not only was he professional, he was on time, was very informative of the chemicals used esp as we have young infants also general knowledge of fleas. His service was very prompt and definetly no mucking around, he was very thorough and also sprayed upholstery and mattresses. His price was the best, as I called 3 other companies and I give him the highest recommendation. To all who need pest control, Sujeet is the man to call.